Alex Johnson | Web Manager

a.k.a. Sass Master Supreme | 303-226-8837

What I do at CCMC

  • Manage the corporate, DBA and vanity sites
  • Write content for blogs, digital ads and print campaigns
  • Track and report on lead generation and SEO

Work History

I went to school for Public Relations at The University of Texas at Austin, but decided I liked digital marketing better. My internships allowed me to work for nonprofits and boutique marketing agencies around Austin, Texas,  and I landed my first "real" job as the digital marketing manager at a lab diagnostics company. From there I moved to a digital agency, where I managed the SEO and web content for real estate clients across the US. Then I was lucky enough to end up in Colorado and join the Cherry Creek team!

Pet Peeves

Unsweet tea, lack of manners, and humidity

What I do outside of work

Baking, cooking, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, reading, writing, and food crawling my way around Denver.

Why I Love Marketing

Marketing is a fascinating mix of creativity, writing, psychology, sociology and analytics. Each problem or campaign feels like a problem to be solved and a mix of creativity and data are the best solutions. I'm giddy about numbers, data and statistics and wholeheartedly believe that numbers can't lie. I love the measurement and optimization of campaigns with digital data and marrying that with creative solutions.