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This campaign was created to help you keep in touch with referral partners and past clients. 

The Schedule

Content focused on referral partner relationships is sent on your behalf three times (one a week, for three weeks) a month. Consumer-oriented content goes out once a month.

The Content

Here's an example of the content a referral partner would receive.

Subject Line: Essential Strategies for Keeping Your Social Media Audience Engaged

Starting a social media page for your business is an effective way to generate leads. But, how do you create quality content that’s highly regarded by those who follow you? 

Content marketing is all about strategy.  So, don't think that you can post anything on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube pages and expect clients to flock to your business.  

The reality is this: If your content isn’t useful or unique, those who check out your page may forget your existence as soon as they click away. How can you prevent this from happening?



Know Your Audience

Clients value content that speaks to their needs. So, before you put pen to paper (or hand to keyboard), identify your target audience.
Is your ideal client a buyer? A seller? Or both? Do you prefer first-time homebuyers, or those in search of a luxury home? Maybe you want to be known as the “go-to agent” for a particular neighborhood. If so, consider the demographic of those likely to move to this neighborhood. How old are they? Will they commute? What is their typical education level?
Focus your content around their preferences and needs — whether you provide home buying tips, mortgage tips, DIY or how-to advice, or service recommendations.
When people feel educated and empowered after reading your posts, they’ll come back for more.



Mix It Up

Boring or dull content is one of the fastest ways to lose an audience. You want to keep your readers surprised and on the edge of their seat, so mix it up and think outside the box.
Bring something new and exciting to the table each time. Find creative angles and different perspectives to breathe life into common subjects. In other words, what new information can you offer to your audience?
Real estate is highly visual. With that in mind, post video testimonials on your business website, and then include a link to these videos on your social media pages.

Or conduct interviews with professionals in the industry — a home stager, a landscaper or perhaps one of our loan experts at Cherry Creek Mortgage — and then share their insight with your followers.

Be Consistent

You can’t post once and expect an outpouring of support and loyal followers. Social media marketing is about consistency. Results don’t happen overnight, so commit to regular updates. Don’t bombard your audience, though.
Post a minimum of three times a week on Facebook; five times a day on Twitter; and two times per week on LinkedIn
Not sure what to post or share with your audience? No problem — we've got you covered. Just follow us on social media and share our mortgage and home buying/selling tips with your audience. Also, be sure to download our Social Media Best Practices Guide - it's a handy reference tool you can use to structure your social media marketing efforts. Through our partnership, we can take digital marketing to the next level - another great way to show that we’re better together.  



Here's an example of the content a consumer would receive. 

Subject Line: Use Social Media to Give Your Home Style and Personality

Homeownership isn’t only about building equity and getting your piece of the American Dream. It’s also about creating a space that’s distinctive and reflects your personality.
This is your home and now’s the time to make it great. But if you don’t know anything about yards, interior decorating or gardening, the entire process can be overwhelming and costly, but it doesn’t have to be. 


One of the best things about social media is that there are plenty of people who are willing to share their DIY and how-to tips or hacks for making a home stylish on a budget. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for an envy-worthy space.
Need a little design inspiration for your interior or exterior? Check out these pages for creative ideas:


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