Better Together | Referral Partner Campaign


As you think about ways to grow your business in 2018, one helpful action you can take is to critically examine what differentiates you from your competition. This will help you to identify the niche that you specifically serve and refine your marketing approach to more clearly explain what sets you apart from your competitors.  

Here are 4 questions you can use to define the niche you serve.

What specific market do you know best?

There are multiple markets within your city, so spend some time identifying where the bulk of your sales are located. Once you’ve discovered your “service footprint,” try to figure out why your sales are concentrated in that area. Perhaps you live nearby? Maybe it’s a community you enjoy spending time within? Or, do you enjoy working with buyers who naturally gravitate to that neighborhood? Understanding your connection to that specific market will help you to more clearly understand how to best promote that location to the buyers you assist.


What type of buyer do you connect with the most?

Do you enjoy the process of helping first-time home buyers realize their dream of home ownership? Or maybe you enjoy working with move up buyers because you’ve recently found yourself in a similar circumstance? Once you identify the type of buyers with whom you more naturally connect, spend some time thinking about how your unique knowledge and skill set creates a superior service experience for them.


What property types are you most passionate about?

Are you the Sultan of the Suburbs or the perhaps the Guru of the Golf-Courses? Whether you’re attracted to rural properties, established neighborhoods, or amenity-rich condos, it is important for you to work with property types that you love. Buyers will notice your enthusiasm, making it easier for them place their trust in you.

How about hobbies?

What activities do you enjoy pursuing in your free time? Do you enjoy certain hobbies or sports? Or maybe you love animals? Whatever inspires you when you are away from the office can be a way to connect with clients when you’re in the office. Consumers enjoy working with people who like similar things, so look for ways to create common ground with your potential buyers and sellers.

The Bottom Line

It doesn't really matter what your answers to these questions look like, but it is important to allow your preferred market, customer, and property type to shine like a beacon in your marketing. You’ll get the chance to connect consumers to the properties and communities about which you’re most passionate. Over time, you’ll find that prospects will positively respond to your expertise and enthusiasm for the niche you serve.

Reach out to me if you’d like to brainstorm ideas for how we can best serve your niche market. We’ve got a great selection of products and our service model can help your clients to have a truly exceptional home loan experience. I believe we are Better Together, so let’s connect today!