Bomb Bomb

If you got in front of more people, would you close more business?  

Bomb Bomb Support: or call 866-209-4602

Intro Video

Initial Training

We are very excited to introduce you to Bomb Bomb, the best video email program available. With our Jungo integration, you’ll easily be able to record and send video messages to your agents and clients. Send one-to-one or to everyone on your list within seconds. The Jungo-to-Bomb Bomb sync will also automatically keep your contact lists up to date. Click here to read more about Bomb Bomb’s features and benefits.
Carrie Gusmus, our Sr. VP of National Production, negotiated a corporate contract with a cost of $33/mo per LO, down from $70/mo. Want to sign up or already have an account and want to switch over to our corporate account to save? Simply click on the sign up button below and fill out the form. All billing will be taken care of by corporate to your RC code.
If you need training or want to find out more, email David Arnett at We will be announcing the date/time of the next training webinar soon. Corporate user accounts will be available within the next 4 weeks so stay tuned for communications from the Marketing department and Bomb Bomb.