Above and Beyond - December 2017

Nominees for a Job Well Done!

I want to recognize Jon Manderfield for taking a disclosure request that I was desperate to get out ASAP. His day was just about done when this request came through. Without hesitation, he whipped those suckers up and got them out so I could stay on track with my file. THANKS JON!!!!! ~ Mark Griffin ~ Bellevue, WA

So, I am going to do a video tomorrow for a MAJOR shout out to my wonderful team,Denise Laviolette, Holly Prospero and Erin Warner. These young ladies literally closed my mom's loan in 10 days. Yep from start to finish, 10 days with CD out in 7. 
My dad passed away in September and they totally stepped up to get things done for mom. Love these ladies!!! ~ Sam Royer ~ Flagler, FL

Click Here for Video

Once again, Jean Schmidt has shown to be one of the best closers I have ever worked with. She definitely goes Above and Beyond on every single loan. We didn’t miss closing dates for this month and everything on all the files went through Jean as smooth as silk. There are some loans I know never would have made their closing dates if Jean had not stepped up the way she did. Not only is she one of the best, she is so fun and easy to work with. Team work makes the dream work and Jean is most definitely a team player. Thank you Jean. ~ Courtnay Bridges ~ Greenwood Village, CO

George Johnson & Susan Brown ~ Pleasanton, CA ~ 

Peer recognition is not only healthy... it's fun, kind, and much appreciated!!  

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