Above and Beyond - November 2017

Nominees for a Job Well Done!

Hello. I just wanted to write a kudos to the marketing team! David, Alex, Julie, Kelsey and the whole crew have been doing a great job getting this stuff going for Heroes First Home Loans.  It looks like we will be hitting the “airways” via Facebook and what not in the next day or two.  I have to say, working with a few marketing teams in my day – this one is definitely the best I have dealt with!  I know sometimes I can be a perfectionist and they have been the utmost professional and understanding dealing with a guy like me.  Thank you for hiring such great talent!!!  I will definitely be buying them some lunch (or drinks) my next trip to Colorado…! Kirsten, thank you for leading this team. They are amazing at what they do! Samuel P. Royer - Flagler Beach, FL

The Closing Department would like to nominate Channing Melone for an Above and Beyond recognition. Last week we encountered a security issue and Channing immediately jumped in to assist.  He worked into the night to make sure our systems were clear and updated. Thank you Channing! We appreciate you very much!!!

~ Heather Church - Corporate Closing Department.

I would like everyone to know what a wonderful Closer Jean Schmidt is. I have not met a closer that goes above and beyond like she does. She has a great attitude, easy to work with, and even helps with getting documents from title if corrections are needed. If I miss anything, she is on top of it and doesn’t bother me about it and she is always one step ahead of me. This keeps the loan going and allows it to close without hold ups and delays. It has been an amazing experience to get to work with her and I look forward to working with her more. ~ Courtnay Bridges - Greenwood Village, CO

The Marketing Team would like to thank Jason Priddy. Jason is always so incredibly helpful! From Shipping very large items, hand delivering packages, bringing up paper and calling for copier service! All with a smile on his face! Thank you Jason for all that you do! You are awesome!  ~ Corporate Marketing, Greenwood Village, CO

To the Marketing team:
Thank you for the great new materials you continue to make available! ~ Richard Nelson - Pleasanton, CA

Good morning. I just wanted to give out a huge shout out to Kelsey Anderson in the marketing department. She has made some amazing stuff for the Heroes team and in all honestly, I was a bit nervous to “let go of my go to marketing guy” when I came on-board but WOW has she (and the whole team) amazed me. Since I am not at corporate, if one of you guys wants to go up – pat her on the back and give her a high five, I would appreciate it! Thanks Jeff, Stacey, Kirsten and David for hiring such great talent! ~ Samuel P. Royer - Flagler Beach, FL

I would like to let everyone know what a wonderful UW Denise Schultz is. She is ALWAYS there to answer my questions. She is ALWAYS ready to jump and help to do what it takes to get our loans final approved so we can close…she will reach out to you if something small is missing that takes an instant to get instead of reconditioning for it. Not to mention she just has a great attitude and always pleasant to work with. ~ Courtnay Bridges - Greenwood Village, CO

Hello. I have to give a big shout out to Holly Prospero and Denise Laviolette for a job well done!!! My two top agents in Jacksonville, Florida gave me a call to thank us for closing another loan for them and they specifically wanted to let us know what a pleasure it is to work with the team. They specifically said “we like seeing emails from her (meaning Holly).” Quick background, these two agents are ones that had worked with one of Movement Mortgage’s top guys and was getting swayed by the Jaime Zeller team in Jacksonville from HomeBridge. In fact, they were about to leave me because HomeBridge was messing up tremendously on our processing end before my switch to Cherry Creek. So thank you Holly and Denise for stepping up and knocking one out of the park! Here is a pretty neat picture of the two. He is a former Naval Officer, UCLA grad and helicopter pilot. She is a Naval SWO Officer (surface to warfare officer – AKA SWO) and Penn State grad (who is undefeated by the way) 😊. ~ Samuel P. Royer - Flagler Beach, FL

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