Above and Beyond - October 2017

Nominees for a Job Well Done!

PMG Underwriters and Closers. Just wanted to give huge Kudos to all of you!! After last week, I can personally still say I have yet to miss a purchase closing due to TRID or Underwriting concerns on our end and this is due entirely to all of you and your tremendous dedication to get things done on time, and to do whatever it takes to make our company look great. Early last week, when I had 4 closing coming up last Friday, I had some serious doubts my streak would stay alive due to 2 very difficult loans, but everyone just kept things moving along, some fantastic underwriting decisions were made, and figures were finalized with time to spare. I’m not going to say it was particularly stress free for the buyers involved, but when it was all said and done, they were obviously thrilled to be closing, and closing on time!! You all do tremendous work and go above and beyond every day. I would imagine most companies can’t come close to the level of service and dedication we provide, so THANK YOU ALL for doing what you do so well! Grant Hickman ~ Boulder, CO

I need to make sure I recognize Lianne Patterson! She is just such a wonderful person to work with! She’s been such a support person to me since I’ve been at CCMC. She has the best attitude regardless of how busy she gets. She is quick to answer questions, is open to discussing issues, listens to other opinions, super helpful and super funny! I absolutely love working with her and want her to know how much I appreciate all that she does for me and the team. Stacy Poushey ~ Lake Oswego, OR

We did a COC and Wendy Childress took care of us like she always does. That girl needs to be cloned, she’s awesome!  Kelly Ashcroft.

Wendy is an all-star and we would love for her to do all of them and understand there will be times when that is not possible. Thanks everyone! Thomas Huxtable ~ Colorado Springs, CO

Hi Tamara Freeman & Susan Brown, I just wanted to commend both of you on your recent performance on the Tange and the Dahl purchase loans. The extra efforts, working late Friday night, working on Saturday & Sunday, kept these deals moving forward under time pressure and made us shine. As a result of your efforts I was able to deliver a very high level of service that separates me from the competition, and is helping me open more new business with the stakeholders involved. The Tange loan funded this morning, and Dahl will sign this week. I could not have done this without both of you, and I just wanted to say thank you again!  Richard Nelson ~ Pleasanton, CA

I would like to nominate Alfredo Esparza, LOA at PMG Fort Collins, for going above and beyond. One of our Loan Officers has a borrower that speaks very little English. I contacted the borrower to gather information regarding inquiries reflecting on her credit bureau and also to obtain homeowner’s insurance information. After a couple of attempts at communicating, the borrower very nicely stated that she did not understand what I was saying/asking. I quickly turned to Alfredo, who was working at the desk next to me, and asked if he would please go over the consumer explanation letter with the borrower and obtain explanations for each inquiry and also obtain her homeowner’s insurance info. Alfredo was more than happy to stop what he was doing and help me out. Alfredo explained everything to the borrower and was able to gather all of the information needed. He not only put me at ease but also the borrower  How nice to have Alfredo as a resource for our Spanish speaking clients. He is a true asset to PMG/Cherry Creek! Jennifer Thomae ~ Fort Collins, CO

I want to send a Kudo’s out to Janet Moore. I was trying to deliver a loan to the Agency and I received an error. The underwriter nor myself, knew how to fix the error. Thank goodness for Janet Moore! Not only did she resolve the issue but her willingness and friendliness made the whole process painless. Thank you Janet for your endless amount of knowledge and enthusiasm! It makes my life so much easier knowing I can count on you!Vicky Deichsel ~ Greenwood Village, CO

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Please meet Aubrey Marie Renn! Born to Jason and Katie Renn on 9/21/2017.  Weighing 7 lbs and 9oz and 19” long.

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