4 Ways to Engage with Clients After Closing

Anyone who's spent a minute in the mortgage industry knows referrals can do wonders for repeat and new business. And referrals from past clients are some of the easiest to get! We've seen countless tactics used on clients and boiled it down to these four simple ways to engage with clients long after the closing ink has dried.

Home Anniversary

What's a better way to remind a client of your great service than sending them a personal note on the anniversary of closing their home? Most homeowners are so relieved to be done with the mortgage process, they don't keep up with their anniversary data. Using your CRM data on the loan, you can pull a list of past clients' closing dates.

Take advantage of the (almost) endless data you have on past users by sending them a sweet, simple note on their home anniversary. We recommend sending a note on the first anniversary for all clients, then following up as needed depending on their situation and your relationship. 

Cards (including envelope) are $.75 a piece.


Personal Milestones

Here's another prime example of using the wealth of data you have on your users and how simple it is to maintain communication. All borrowers should have birthdays included in their data, so collecting that information is simple. As for wedding anniversaries, spouse birthdays, kids' graduations, etc., that's up to you and your people skills to get!

This is the kind of touchpoint that will impress past clients. You obviously know when they closed on a home, but remembering the anniversary of their wedding or what school their kid is graduating from? That takes you to the next level. Impress past clients and boost your referrals with a thoughtful card or phone call.

Home Owner's Market Report

Like we tout all the time, owning a home is one of the biggest investments a person can make. And people want to protect, monitor, and grow their investments. Most homeowner's like to know where their property stands against the market and how much equity they're building, so offer that service by signing them up for the Home Owner's Market Report.

We've heard countless success stories about LO's offering this free tool to clients, maintianing contact, and eventually getting repeat business from the HOMR. Use it as a conversation starter a few years after closing or set them up with reports during their buying process. This will add trust and transparency to your transaction and let the buyers feel even more secure with their investment. 


Everyone likes a treat now and again. A small investment into a client relationship can come back tenfold to you. Imagine spending just $10 on a giftcard for a past client, then having one (or two, or five!) referrals come back your way just because you went out of your way to treat your clients. $10 doesn't seem like such a bad investment when it can turn into repeat and new business. 

You could do something general and simple like a Starbucks gift card. Nobody says no to a free coffee! If you know your customers well, we always suggest something a little more personal. Customized frames, chopping boards, a gift card for a dinner out, tickets to a local event, even a bottle of wine! The ideas are endless. Email us at marketingservices@ccmclending.com if you ever need help brainstorming - we're full of ideas!


Do you have tried-and-true follow up tactics? What's worked best for you?

Let us know what you've done in the past! We're always here to bounce ideas off of or help you optimize your approach with your clients. 


Alex Johnson