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We are not sure if you've seen the latest in "eye-catching" cards by (featured on Shark Tank), but this one is really cool!

Once opened the House For Sale Pop-Up Card reveals a grand brick house with black shingle roofing. A large "for sale" sign presides over the house. Elegant stone paving leads up to the beautiful home. The card is blank surrounding the house so you can include your own personal message. 

Click here to purchase the card for $15 and add a personalized message for $5 more.


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 Release Date :: Tues, July 10

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Stepping outside your comfort zone and using social media can lift your real estate business to new levels of success. But it isn’t enough to kick-start a social media page for professional use — you must know the right way to manage your account.

Engagement can’t be overlooked because it is the key ingredient for building a strong, long-term relationship with your audience. 

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 Release Date :: Wed, July 11

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Homeownership isn’t only about building equity and getting your piece of the American Dream. It’s also about creating a space that’s distinctive and reflects your personality.

This is your home and now’s the time to make it great. But if you don’t know anything about yards, interior decorating or gardening, the entire process can be overwhelming and costly, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Alex Johnson