Above and Beyond - August 2018


Happy Work Anniversary!


1 Year

  • Arlene Disessa  8/1/2017 
  • Leah Rainold  8/1/2017 
  • Samuel Royer  8/7/2017 
  • Pamela Gross  8/14/2017 
  • Kristina Johnson  8/21/2017 
  • Deborah Pineda  8/21/2017 
  • Tamara Bickle  8/23/2017 
  • Monique Price  8/28/2017 
  • Holly Frachetti  8/31/2017 

2 Years

  • Ryan Bonds   8/1/2016 
  • Mark Driscoll  8/1/2016 
  • Thomas Hecker  8/1/2016 
  • Megan Gerhart  8/8/2016 
  • Nicole Boyer  8/15/2016 
  • Angela Woods  8/23/2016 
  • Richard Woonton  8/24/2016 

3 Years

  • Kayla Pham  8/3/2015 
  • Maureen Gallagher 8/10/2015
  • Alison Good  8/10/2015 
  • Jeffrey Valdez  8/14/2015 
  • Susane Bechelli  8/31/2015 

4 Years

  • Traci Emond  8/1/2014 
  • Brandon Andre Hansen  8/1/2014 
  • Veronica Martinez  8/15/2014 
  • Susan Christoph  8/25/2014

5 Years

  • Jeremy Potter  8/12/2013 
  • Ronald Bacza  8/15/2013 
  • Kelly Dahlberg  8/15/2013 
  • Mark Smith  8/30/2013


6 Years

  • Kendra Brown  8/1/2012 
  • Sue Rahn  8/13/2012 
  • Ryan Hall  8/22/2012 
  • Clarita Lage  8/23/2012 

7 Years

  • Janet Roderick  8/1/2011 
  • Matthew Hibler  8/2/2011 
  • Sara McDonnell  8/8/2011 
  • Claude Ehinger  8/15/2011 
  • Karina Alvarez  8/29/2011 
  • Travis Debrine  8/29/2011 
  • Tim Malcolm  8/29/2011 
  • Steven Scheiern  8/29/2011

8 Years

  • Micah Laverde  8/11/2010 
  • Christopher Lien  8/17/2010

9 Years

  • Alexis Camacho  8/1/2009 
  • Dainey Bumbernick  8/10/2009 
  • Lori Countway  8/26/2009

10 Years

  • Nisha Benton  8/18/2008 
  • Jennifer Dolan  8/18/2008 
  • Nicole McCrary  8/18/2008 
  • Kristin Ruterbories 8/18/2008 
  • Richard Smith  8/18/2008 
  • Jacqueline Cabrera  8/28/2008

11+ Years

  • 14 Years ~ Brad Dale 8-26-2004
  • 18 Years ~ Callie Whitehead 8/14/2000
  • 20 Years ~ Marta Harder 8/1/1998
  • 26 Years ~ Julie David 8/17/1992

Above and Beyond

August 2018

Peer recognition is not only healthy... it's fun, kind, and much appreciated!!

Have a special announcement to share? Something awesome happening at your office? Want to recognize someone for a job well done?

Simply send an email and pictures to jcabrera@ccmclending.com.

Keep them coming CCMC!!

Nominees for a Job Well Done!

I just have to give a HUGE Kudo’s to Chris Wooten. He is part of the crew and magic that happens “behind the curtain” in the Advanced Technology Team. As with all aspects of the mortgage business, loan delivery is also constantly changing. In years past it has been quite a challenge to make sure things would import correctly from Relay to the agencies FNMA and FHLMC. This time around Chris Wooten was able to get all the new pieces of data to import. He made loan delivery so much easier! Thank you Chris!!!  ~ Vicky Deichsel ~ Greenwood Village, CO

Just wanted to pass on KUDO’s to our Accounts Payable department for being on top of getting VA Appraisal Invoices paid out in a timely manner!  See VA Appraiser’s response below!
I submitted the Appraisal invoice to Accounts Payable late afternoon on 7/23/18 after receiving the VA appraisal over the weekend.  Received a response from A/P the next morning letting the branch know when the invoice would be paid.  I like to pass this info on to the appraisers so that they know we have not neglected their invoice.  Keeps everyone happy! Thank you! ~ Wendy Seger ~ Mesa, AZ

I want to please send an above and beyond praise to Lori Countway, from the disclosures team. The closing coordinator team is often up against the clock to get out our initial closing disclosures on time to our customers, and when there is a question about when an LE went out, when it was signed, etc. Lori is ALWAYS the first to jump in and help us, and that does not go unnoticed. 
We would be in a very tough position if she was not always willing to jump in to assist and we are SOO grateful to her for her extra effort and teamwork. She is the best! ~ Alex Davis ~ The Corporate Closing Coordinator Team ~ Greenwood Village, CO

Diane TeGrotenhuis in Corporate Marketing - I am loving marketing cloud by the way, great work getting that all up and running! Thanks! ~ Mike Ulanskas ~ Boulder, CO

PenTrust Mortgage wants to give a larger than life THANK YOU to Lana Hewitt.  She unexpectedly became our only closer for the largest volume week in company history.  With her hard work and team dedication, we were able to close all loans on time.  There were several nights she either worked till midnight or actually worked through the night to insure that docs were out and closing times were met.  We could not have asked for more. I hope she gets some rest soon. Thank you Lana!! ~ Thomas Huxtable ~ Colorado Springs, CO

Heather Church, thank you for assigning Heather Bradshaw to our team.  She is such a pleasure to work with.   She is proactive, kind, efficient, and accurate. Most of all, I feel  she is really here to help me respond to clients’ needs – not put up roadblocks. She has a “we can do this” attitude. She always does a great job but the last few transactions, she has surely gone above and beyond. Please put this note of excellent in her Personnel file. Thank you ~ Claudia Kim ~ Pleasanton, CA

Below is the inside of a very kind “Thank You” card we received from one of our wonderful clients. ~ Kristine Altmann ~ St. Louis Park, M

Alex Johnson