Automated Loan Process Alerts and Drip Campaigns

Take advantage of the automated Options in Jungo to automate your communications!

As of today, the Loan Status Update Emails and Drip Campaigns (triggered from Relay Stages) are now active.

There are several opt-in options to automate your communications with your contacts and partners. Below describes these options and how to opt in:

Marketing Subscriptions

  • Holiday Emails – you can choose to opt in to All Holiday Emails or pick and choose the ones you want! (AZ users, the Spring Forward/Fall Back are included, so manually opt in for the ones you want and exclude these. Do not choose the All Holidays option). Marketing will send the holiday emails on your behalf to all of your contacts, and the email will be logged in the Contact’s Activity History.

  • Loan Status Update Emails (sent to all parties)  These emails will be sent to all parties involved in the loan process, if they exist on the loan record in Relay.  The checkboxes will automatically be checked on the Loan record for each email that is sent out to keep you on track. All emails are located on the Coop here.

  • Loan Status Update Emails (sent to LO only) – These are short emails that will be sent only to you letting you know where your loans are in process. If you are using your own communications method, opt in to these emails to keep you on track with your loans.

  • Drip Marketing Campaigns – Each campaign will be triggered depending on the Relay Stage on the Contact record. This is a great way of providing relevant loan information during each stage, and lets your clients know that you’re thinking of them. All drip campaign details, including all emails, are located on the Coop here. Below are details:


Prospective Home Buyer Tips

Loan Purpose = “purchase”

Stage = Prospect


Prospective Refinance Tips

Loan Purpose = “refi”

Stage = Prospect


Dos & Don’ts During Loan Process (after Loan App)

Stage = origination, processing or underwriting

Loan Application Date = last 4 days


Loan Process Tips (after Loan Approval)

Stage = origination, processing or underwriting

Promoted to underwriting = last 4 days


Keeping in Touch

Stage = Closed Won

Funded Date = last 4 days


Manually-sent Loan Process Emails (from the Loan Record):

If you do not choose to opt in for the automatic Loan Status Update emails, you can manually check a box on the loan record that will initiate an email when each box is checked. The same emails used in the opt-in option are used for this manual option.See attached screenshot for detailsMake sure you don’t use this section if you have opted in. It will send duplicate emails!

Also included in this section are Intro to Listing AgentEmail Update with Update Message emails that are not part of the automatic emails. See details on the Coophere.


How to Opt In to Marketing Subscriptions:

1. Click on your name in the top-right corner and select Setup from the drop-down list.


Use the Edit button at the top of this screen.


Scroll down to Marketing Subscriptions section.

  1. In the Holiday Emails section, either choose All Holidays or pick and choose the ones you want by clicking on the right arrow. Your selections should show in the Chosen column. (AZ users: the Spring Forward and Fall Back emails are in the holiday listing, so please add each holiday separately, do not choose All Holidays.)

  2. Make your selections for the Drip Marketing Campaigns and the Loan Status Update Emails sections (choose None if not interested).

  3. If you have an HBM VIP Code, add it in the field. This will merge into any templates that use this field.

  4. Once all selections are made, click the Save button at either the top or bottom of the screen.

We hope you enjoy these automated features in Jungo! If you have any questions regarding the above, please email

JungoAlex Johnsonjungo, crm