Confused about Opt-In Features?

Marketing Subscriptions (located on your personal information page):



  • Holiday Emails: when you opt in, all of your Contacts (clients and partners) will automatically receive all holiday emails, or those holidays you select from the drop down list. Unlike CK, if you are opted-in to this feature, you no longer have to manually send out holiday emails, as they will be sent out on your behalf. If you would prefer to send them manually to specific contacts (ex: A Realtors and A Clients only), then do not opt in to this feature. You can contact Jungo Support to learn how to send out a mass holiday email to your selected Contacts.
  • Loan Status Update Emails: when you opt in, similar to CK, you and your borrowers will receive loan status updates triggered by Relay dates. Do not opt in if you are manually triggering the emails from the Loan Process Emails section on the loan record, or If you are using your own email templates, as this will create duplicate emails.
  • Drip Marketing Campaigns: when you opt in, your borrowers will be automatically added to marketing campaigns triggered from Relay Stages (see details below). To see each email that is included for each campaign, they are located on the CoopIf you would like to manually add your clients to a marketing campaign, do not opt in for this feature.

Prospective Home Buyer Tips

Loan Purpose = “purchase”

Stage = Prospect


Prospective Refinance Tips

Loan Purpose = “refi”

Stage = Prospect


Dos & Don'ts During Loan Process (after Loan App)

Stage = origination,processing or underwriting

Loan Application Date = last4 days


Loan Process Tips (after Loan Approval)

Stage = origination,processing or underwriting

Promoted to underwriting =last 4 days


Keeping in Touch

Stage = Closed Won

Funded Date = last 4 days


There are additional Drip Marketing Campaigns that are not triggered by Relay dates. These are located in the Source section on the Contact record. When the campaign ends, it is automatically removed from the list so that it cannot be selected again for your particular record. If you have opted-in to Drip Marketing Campaigns, be careful not to choose those that are triggered from Relay Stages.


How do you know if you are opted in?

  1. Click on your name in the top-right corner and select Setup from the drop-down list.

2. In the left pane, select the down arrow next to My Personal Information, and then choose Personal Information from the list. Scroll down to Marketing Subscriptions section.


3. Use the Edit button at the top of this screen to make any necessary changes.


4. Make sure to click the Save button at the top of the screen to save your selections.


Automatic Birthday Emails:

There is another opt-in feature to send automatic Birthday Emails. This is located on each Contact record under the Contact Information section:


You have to manually opt in your Contacts, one at a time for this automatic email. If you would like all of your Contacts, or specific Contacts, to be opted in, we can do this for you using the Mass Update feature. Send an email to if you would like us to do this for you and be specific on what type of Contacts if not all (Realtors, Borrowers, Co-Borrowers, etc.).

Thank you to Referral Source:

This is a manual opt-in that sends a Thank You email to the referral source for your Contact record. It is recommended to manually check this option for your referral partners.


If you need training on how to send out mass emails, please open a case with Jungo Support
at or call 619-727-4600. Jungo will respond within 24-48 hours.