How do I automate sending birthday emails?

Sheryl Hinton • Oct. 11, 2017, 12:28 p.m.

As a LO, you can easily go into the contact record and select the "Birthday Emails" checkbox to automate birthday emails.  However, if you are a LOA or assistant who helps to manage a LO's database, be sure to read the below information: 

Attention LOAs, Marketing Assts, and LOs that share databases (10/10/17)

We recently learned that if you are logged into your Jungo account and you click on the birthday emails checkbox (see below), even if the record is not owned by you, the birthday email will be sent from your email address. It will still have the LO’s signature block at the bottom (the contact record owner), but if the recipient replies to the email, it will come to you. The LO will need to click this checkbox in order for it to be sent from their email address.

If you are using a team email address, then this is a non-issue.