How do I send a mass or single email while in Jungo?

For all marketing emails (meaning, they are not loan-specific), we are using the Act-On email platform to send emails from Jungo. For example, if you want to send an email to all of your clients about new Fannie Mae guidelines regarding student debt, these are the steps you would take to send a mass email:

  • Go to Contacts and select the view of the contacts you want to send the email to, for example, All Clients. Be sure to hit the Go! button or the refresh icon to access the most recent list.
  • Once you see your list, select the checkbox in the upper left-hand corner to select all of the contacts in the list. You can select up to 200 contacts at a time (Act-On is limited to sending 200 emails at a time). Next, click on Send Act-On Email.
  • Select Template Message
  • You will see a list of folders on the left side - all loan product emails for consumers (clients) are found in the Loan Product-Consumer folder. All loan product emails for partners (real estate agents) are found in the Loan Product-Partners folder.
  • Select the template you want to send.
  • The email will appear with four tabs: AddressDesignReview and Send.
  • You will not need to edit the email, only send it. Click on Send.
  • You will be able to select to Send Now or send at a future date. To send now, select this option and Submit Launch Request.
  • Your emails will be sent.

To send an email to a single contact, select the contact you want to send the email to, select Send Act-On Email and follow the same steps as above.

If you have any questions regarding how to send an email from Jungo, contact

JungoAlex Johnsonjungo, email