Jungo and Marketing Support Contact Information

Phone and Email Support for Jungo/Salesforce

Jungo Support can be reached M-F 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST. Jungo will respond within 1-3 days to your support requests.

Email Support Instructions:

To submit a new request, simply go to help.ijungo.com and click on the Email Us link. A form will open for you to provide your details. In the Name on the account section, type CCMC. Your support request will be processed and routed to the appropriate team, and you will receive an automated response with your case number. 

Jungo Support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Technical assistance
  • "How to" questions
  •  Assistance with Salesforce for Outlook Integration
  •  Questions Related to App Features/ Functionality (i.e., Reffinity, Salesforce1 mobile app, etc.)

Training Videos for CCMC

Open Jungo. On the left pane under Custom Links, click on the Jungo Training Videos for CCMC link. The password is located at the bottom of the videos.


Training Center

In Jungo, click on the Training Center tab in your top navigation bar. Here you will find training how-tos, training videos, and the link for support. (Please be aware that not all videos, training, etc. are using the same enterprise edition that CCMC is, so the screens and info may be different.)

Support Escalation

If your request requires the marketing team to assist you, the Jungo Support team will escalate the ticket you open and request help from the CCMC Marketing Services team to resolve your request.

Jungo Tips and FAQs

Use this link to view our Jungo Tips and FAQ page.

Marketing Requests

Please email: marketingservices@ccmclending.com and one of our team members will assist you.