New Opt Out Fields

Some of you share the same contacts and may not realize it – especially referral partners! This is what’s happening…

Act-On treats each email address, even if it’s included on multiple contact records, as ONE address.  If they opt out of one LO’s email, it opts them out of ALL contact records with the same email address, in every LO database. This is a problem because you will no longer be able to market to this contact even though they opted out of someone else’s database.

Solution: The opt-out footer included at the bottom of all emails has been changed to:

If you do not wish to receive future email from me, click here

If you do not wish to receive future company-wide email, click here

On the Jungo Contact record, you’ll now see two email opt out fields:

  • Email Opt Out
  • LO Email Opt Out

Depending on which opt out link is clicked, the system will check the appropriate opt out field. When they click the first opt out link (emails from me), the system will update their email address to and move their current email address to the email 2 field for historical purposes. It will opt them out from that contact record only in that LO’s database.

Below is a contact record who has opted out of just the LO’s emails:


When they click on the second opt out link (company-wide), the Email Opt Out field will be checked as usual on all contact records in all LO databases.  It will look like this:


If your recipient does not click on any of the opt out links in the footer, and wants to be opted-out of your emails, please click the LO Email Opt Out fieldon their contact record.

If you have any contacts that you believe should not be opted out in your database, please let us know. They have to be reset in both Jungo and Act-On.