Understanding Record Types in Jungo

The following information will help you understand the different types of records in Jungo and how to market effectively:

1. Contact Record – this is the main marketing record. When sending emails from Act-On, only the primary contact’s email will be used. If there is a co-borrower link on this main record, then there will be a separate co-borrower record.

2. Co-Borrower Record– if there is a co-borrower on the primary contact record, and there is a Co-Borrower Link (see below), then there is a separate record that can be used to send emails through Act-On. These records are displayed using the All Co-Borrowers-Email w/o Opt Out View.


Bottom Line – you must market to your clients and co-borrowers separately.


3. Loan Record – this record is synched from Connect/Relay every hour. The sync between Jungo and Connect/Relay is based on First Name, Last Name, DOB.  Email is not part of it.  But DOB is and always will be.  If there isn’t already a Contact record in Jungo the synch will create a new record. If there is a co-borrower on the loan and there isn’t already a co-borrower record, the synch will create a new record. That way, you’ll have three records – Contact, Co Borrower and Loan.  These are all linked together in Jungo, but separate records.


There will be occasions, due to this synch, when duplicate records will be created. When this happens, you’ll want to merge them. You can conduct a search by last name to see if a duplicate record was created. Instructions for how to merge records are on the Coop at: https://cherrycreek.knowledgecoop.com/questions/why-do-i-have-duplicate-contacts-in-jungo-and-how-can-i-merge-them.


Deleting records: If you have Contact and/or Co-Borrower records that you no longer want in your database, but there is a loan or loan records attached, do not delete them. Just mark the Contact and Co-Borrower records as inactive (under the Classification field) and opt them out of mailings, emails, etc. (within their contact record). Since loan records cannot be deleted out of Jungo, you’ll have orphan loan records that still show up in your database when using Loan Views and Reports.


Views to use for Marketing: When sending out mass emails through Act-On, when you choose the All Contacts-Email w/o Opt Out View, this list includes referral partners, realtors, clients, borrowers, co-borrowers, all contacts in all Groups.  If you use the All Clients-Email w/o Opt OutView, the co-borrowers are not included in this list and will not receive the email. All Co-Borrowers are added to the Co-Borrower Group. If you want co-borrowers to receive the same email as your clients, you’ll use the All Co-Borrowers-Email w/o Opt Out View and send the email to this list. Yes, this means that you’ll need to send out the same email using two different Views.

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