Views in Jungo - what are they good for?

On the Contacts tab, Views are initially created by the Group field on the Contact record. If the Group field is blank, you may be missing out actually seeing your contacts – they will not be included in any of the available Views.

Some Benefits:

  1. View a list of records that match data you add to fields (example: All CPAs, All A Realtors, All Realtors w/out Opt Out)
  2. Mass Update a group of records – 100 at-a-time (example: Add all Realtors to a drip campaign, add all new Clients to the auto Birthday Emails)
  3. Send an Act-On template to one, many, or all from your selected View
  4. Clone an existing View and add more criteria that you want to see

A new View is available from the Contact screen named Group=Blank.  It’s a good idea to periodically check this View to see if any of your contacts are missing the Group field.  If so, you can then add the appropriate Group field, and then you’re ready to market to them.

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