What is the difference between Views and Reports in Jungo?


Views are used as an easy way to view and email to certain lists you commonly use. For example, if you want to view all of your contacts, click on ContactsView: All Contacts.


Cloning the View will create a copy of the current view that you can edit. Creating a New View will allow you to select all criteria from scratch (the below example shows how you would create a view for all A and B clients). Be sure to Save your view.


Once you select and save your View, you can send a mass email (200 emails at a time), or make a mass update. However, you cannot export a view. If you want to download a list, you would use the Reports area.

To view more information on how to send a mass email, go to the question on the Coop: How do I send a mass email in Jungo?


Reports will contain the same information as views, however, you are able to download reports in list format (such as an excel spreadsheet). Many reports are already in your reports folder so be sure to look at them before creating new ones.

You can easily create a report based on any criteria (this is an advantage over ClientKeeper 2 where you did not have this ability). For example, if you would like to create a report that lists all funded loans with a rate greater than 4.375%, you would select Reports tab, New Report... and since this is a loan report, you would select Loans:


Select your filter criteria per below. Be sure the Rate field is greater than 4.375 and Funded Date not equal to "" (this means if a loan does not have a funded date, it will not be pulled). 


If you have any questions about creating views and reports, contact the marketing department at marketingservices@ccmclending.com