How do I know if a contact is on a drip campaign and how can I view the campaign emails they've received?

You can view the marketing campaign a contact is on by looking at the Contact's page under Source, Marketing Campaign or Marketing Campaign (Branch Specific). Both of these areas have drip marketing campaigns but the Marketing Campaign (Branch Specific) area only lists certain branch campaigns.


To view the emails a contact has received from this campaign, click on the Activity Historyhyperlink, found at the top of the Contact's record.


The drip email campaigns are being sent from Act-On so any drip email campaign history will say"Act-On Email: <subject line of email sent>"



To view the actual email sent, click on the email name (hyperlink). Under the Task Detail, Additional Information, you will see a hyperlink to the email. Click on this to view the actual email that was sent.

If you would like more information about drip marketing campaigns and view the different available campaigns, click here to view on the Coop.

If you have further questions regarding drip email campaigns contact