CRM Training and Resources

Training Videos

Classic vs. Lightening Overview - If you are hesitant to use the new Lightning version of Salesforce/Jungo, this will provide a side-by-side comparison of the features that are commonly used.

Getting Started with Jungo - If you just attended Quick Start or haven’t used Jungo in a while, this video will provide an overview of all of the available features, including what happens with the Connect sync.

Using Reffinity - This easy-to-use feature is used to communicate to and evaluate your referral partners. Reffinity tracks how many contacts they have referred and how many closed/won loans they have been part of. You can easily schedule weekly Pipeline reports that are emailed each week that show the progress of the leads and loans-in-process for your mutual contacts. (Please note that you will need to make a commitment to updating the Referred By and Last Touch fields on the contact record before using this feature.) For step-by-step instructions, use the Marketing Features using Jungo and Marketing Cloud training guide below.

Training Guides

Marketing Features using Jungo and Marketing Cloud - This manual provides details and step-by-step instructions for all of the marketing features available in Salesforce/Jungo.

How to Send a Mass Email through Jungo using Marketing Cloud

How to opt in to automated Marketing Subscriptions (holiday emails, loan status updates, loans-in-process drip campaigns)

How to download the Salesforce Mobile App (take Salesforce/Jungo with you)

How to Merge Duplicate Contact Records - The system will notify you when there is a potential duplicate. In some instances, this isn’t always a true duplicate. This document will explain how to identify duplicates and the steps on how to merge them.

How to Export a Report to Excel - There may be times when you’d like to print a report and/or slice & dice the data – both using Excel’s features. There is a ‘gotcha’ when saving your reports, so following the steps in this guide will help you locate them on your computer after they have been exported and then saved.