CRM Training and Resources

Training Videos

Classic vs. Lightening Overview - If you are hesitant to use the new Lightning version of Salesforce/Jungo, this will provide a side-by-side comparison of the features that are commonly used.

Getting Started with Jungo - If you just attended Quick Start or haven’t used Jungo in a while, this video will provide an overview of all of the available features, including what happens with the Connect sync.

Using Reffinity - This easy-to-use feature is used to communicate to and evaluate your referral partners. Reffinity tracks how many contacts they have referred and how many closed/won loans they have been part of. You can easily schedule weekly Pipeline reports that are emailed each week that show the progress of the leads and loans-in-process for your mutual contacts. (Please note that you will need to make a commitment to updating the Referred By and Last Touch fields on the contact record before using this feature.) For step-by-step instructions, use the Marketing Features using Jungo and Marketing Cloud training guide below.

Training Guides

Marketing Features using Jungo and Marketing Cloud - This manual provides details and step-by-step instructions for all of the marketing features available in Salesforce/Jungo.

How to Send Emails (single and mass) through Jungo using Marketing Cloud - if you have been set up with an account in Marketing Cloud, you will be able to send professionally-designed templates to a single contact, a group of contacts, or all contacts. Send an email to to request your setup.

How to Re-Connect to Marketing Cloud - The system has a security feature that requires a user to re-connect to Marketing Cloud after 30 days of inactivity. These instructions will outline the re-connect steps.

How to opt in to automated Marketing Subscriptions (holiday emails, loan status updates, loans-in-process drip campaigns)

How to sync Outlook with Jungo - This document provides instructions on how to have Outlook recognize your contacts in Jungo in order to save emails to your contact records, or if you’d like your Calendar to sync in Jungo (providing a two-way sync).

How to download the Salesforce Mobile App (take Salesforce/Jungo with you)

How to Merge Duplicate Contact Records - The system will notify you when there is a potential duplicate. In some instances, this isn’t always a true duplicate. This document will explain how to identify duplicates and the steps on how to merge them.

How to Export a Report to Excel - There may be times when you’d like to print a report and/or slice & dice the data – both using Excel’s features. There is a ‘gotcha’ when saving your reports, so following the steps in this guide will help you locate them on your computer after they have been exported and then saved.

Understanding the Connect-to-Jungo Sync - This document provides details on the Connect-to-Jungo sync, as well as instructions on how to keep a clean database void of duplicates. If you find duplicates, use the How to Merge Duplicate Contact Records guide provided above.