What is a ticket?

A ticket is created when you send a request to marketingservices@ccmclending.com. This creates a task for the marketing team to view, communicate through, and create a solution for you.

Why can't I make my own marketing materials?

Cherry Creek has cultivated a skilled team of graphic artists, deisgners, writers and marketing experts to give you the best advantage as an LO. We prefer all marketing, communication, and advertising materials be made by our in-house department to meet branding, legal, and compliance standards.

How long can I expect a marketing request to take?

Marketing requests are now being scheduled 7 days from submission. We strive to give you quality work and are respectfully pushing back our deadline structure to give you the best work possible. If this is an emergency, please contact David Arnett, Interim VP of Marketing and Communications, at (303) 270-9620 and he will do his best to expedite your request.

What's the difference between a corporate profile and a vanity profile?

Corporate profiles are housed under the corporate website. The URL for a corporate profile will look like this: cherrycreekmortgage.com/jdoe. A vanity profile is housed under it's own domain like this: JaneDoeMortgages.com.

What is OSI?

OSI is our instant-flyer creation software. We've created dozens of flyer templates for loan products, referral partnerships and specific marketing intiatives. To learn how to access this platform, send a request to marketingservices@ccmclending.com

What is SEO?

Search enging optimization is a digital marketing practice focused on organic search engine traffic. We are continuously working to create better rankings for our main website, DBA sites, branch sites, and vanity profiles.

Why am I not listed on the website yet?

Onboarding a new Loan Officer involves many moving parts. In order to be online, an LO must have a valid company email, an NMLS number, a valid Borrower Portal link, and have signed the licensing agreement with CCMC.

The Yext Review link is given to you by our marketing department. This link will take users to a review portal and allow them to create a review that will be posted on social media. This could be Google My Business, Facebook, or your own website. The Get Feedback Review is only given to customers after closing a loan. These are sent directly to them three days after finalizing their mortgage. Only customers that have closed on a loan with Cherry Creek Mortgage will be able to access the Get Feedback survey.