Generate your next big idea (and lead!) here

 It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re trying to develop your network and generate more leads. That’s why we’ve created this lead generation to-do list! Just pick a couple of tactics listed below and focus on those activities to start generating leads!

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Leverage your current network

Personal network

  • Reach out to your personal network of friends, family, work, etc. and let them know where you are and what you do.

  • Approach them as a resource, not as a sales person.

  • Find out if they can introduce you to their realtor, or friends and family looking for a loan.

Professional Network

  • Use your network of doctors, dentists, eye doctors, firehouses, local schools/teachers, veterinarians, police stations, restaurants, salons, gyms, doggie day care facilities, etc.

  • Drop off your business card and ask if they have a community board where you can post the Reasons to Work With flyer.

  • Ask if you can bring in coffee or lunch and share the My Mortgage Benefit Affinity program.

Network of neighbors: Create your neighborhood niche


Gifts go a long way

  • Send a box of snacks or goodies to local businesses in your network. Visit our company store for ideas.

  • Advertise by offering a monthly coupon mailer in your market area.

  • Take doughnuts or sandwiches to your local firehouse or police station with your business card and a marketing flyer.

  • You could drop off this general home benefits flyer with your food items.



Our technology solutions can automate your marketing activities and provide value to your clients and referral partners

  • Use our automated drip campaigns and monthly Better Together emails to stay in touch with potential and current clients.

  • Promote the benefits of HomeScout and offer your VIP code, keep phone cards with you to pass out, share a video of you using the app.


Get involved in your community

  • Sponsor a MeetUp group or educational seminar.

  • Work with charities and sponsor an event or donation.

  • Attend bridal shows, real estate events, and other local events.

  • Target apartment buildings with renter-specific marketing materials.


Use digital solutions to generate customers

  • Create a Facebook live event where you take questions from potential buyers or current home owners (keep it short and sweet!). One benefit of this approach is that Facebook prioritizes live video events, and this gives you a great opportunity to get in front of a larger number of your followers and friends.

  • Develop a series of classes (first-time home buyer seminar, etc.) that you can record and share online.

  • Use BombBomb to send quick video messages to your network.

Tips for Success:

  • Emails are great, but a personal phone call is a much better way to reach out!

  • Time is valuable – take the time to listen to your potential clients and referral partners and always think about how you can partner in their success and help them their reach their goals

  • Block out time on your calendar to devote to specific lead generation activities



Top tips for getting business as a new loan officer

Pick up the phone (daily):

  • Make 20 of calls per day

  • Start with Family and Friends

  • Closing the phone call make sure to ask for a referral. (This will always lead to your next call)

    • Ask if they know any real estate agents

    • Ask if they know of anyone looking for a house

    • Ask if they know any teachers, doctors, heroes etc


Visit open houses every weekend:

  • Visit 10 open houses (5 on Saturday and 5 on Sunday)

  • Bring open house survival kit (Bottle of water, snack, gum, biz card to agent)

  • Find out if they are working with a lender now, set up a meeting with them outside of the open house, Ask for a referral, even if they already have a lender

  • Hang out for a bit and talk to people at the open house


Have weekly meetings with new business sources:

  • Meet with one new agent each week

  • Meet with one new borrower each week

  • Meet with one new referral partner each week            


Grow your social network:

  • Add each call to your business FB page

  • Connect with potential business partners on LinkedIn and FB


Expand your referral partner list to include other professionals who are not agents:

  • CPA

  • Financial Planner

  • Insurance Agent

  • Lawyer

  • Builders

  • Plumbers

  • Contractor

  • Electrician

  • Landscaper

  • Interior Designer


Get local:

  • Visit local businesses and get to know the owners

  • Ask if you can leave your info there

  • For larger business can you meet with HR and become part of their benefits package by using (My Home Benefit Program)

  • Get involved in local clubs, sports teams or chambers

  • Make sure each person in the group knows what you do, don’t be shy ask for referrals, advertises are their local events


Set goals and measure your progress:

  • Start by setting a goal of getting one new loan application per week