Condo - Builder - Condo Association Approval


State Eligibility:

Available everywhere



Condo associations



Build a relationship with condo associations


Example Tactics: 

  • Print off and bring to condo association offices

  • Email to potential condo associations


CCMC Lending Tools (OSI) File Location:

Promotional > Created Promotional Flyers > CCMC and DBA’s > Condo > Builder - Condo Association Approval

Sending This Product as an Email:

Login to Jungo and follow the path below to find this product email.

MC Email Send > Shared Content > Promotional > Condo > Builder - Condo Association Approval

Download “How To Send Out a Mass Email” Guide

Social Media:

If you would like to share this program out on social media, simply right click on the flyer image and save it to your computer and then just upload it onto your social media site.

Condos - Builder - Condo Association Approval - OSI.jpg