Phil Tidwell | Director of Marketing

a.k.a. The Amazing Phil Tidwell, Spokesman of the American Dream, a.k.a. Captain Brilliant, Lord of the Dance and Example for the Rest of Mankind a.k.a. Vice Chancellor of Marketing, Northern Hemisphere | 303-331-4444

What I do at CCMC

  • Provide management, editorial and copywriting support for print and digital campaigns

  • Manage and execute internal communications strategies

  • Provide technical support and guidance for training and onboarding initiatives

  • Interface with leadership teams across the organization regarding marketing and communications initiatives

  • Conduct compliance reviews on marketing projects and coordinate with corporate’s legal and compliance team as necessary

My Work History

My first “professional” job was for an automotive sales training company, helping them to update and improve their training content. I learned a good bit about selling in that role, and I eventually transitioned into a sales position for a wholesale subprime mortgage company called Expanded Mortgage Credit. I worked in both inside and outside sales for that company, and I eventually transitioned into an underwriting role. I later joined First Franklin, another subprime lender, and eventually became their regional “production” training manager. My team at First Franklin was responsible for all underwriter, processor, and closer training. I’ve been with CCMC for almost 6 years, holding a variety of training, communications, and marketing roles, and I love my job as director of marketing!

Favorite Sport

I love skiing and football. I go skiing as much as possible (which unfortunately isn’t all that often right now). I’d have to say that Breckenridge is my favorite resort, but any ski hill will do as long as I’m on the mountain. I also played football in high school and love the sport to this day. One of my go-to football tales involves the time I broke my collar bone while attending football camp at the University of Alabama. I leapt into the air chasing an interception, and my own teammate ran through my legs, flipping me upside down. Bama’s old school AstroTurf was unforgiving and did not budge when I crash landed shoulder first. Even though their practice field mangled my collar bone, I’m still a big Crimson Tide fan and usually make it to at least one Bama game a year.

Why I love Marketing

I love marketing because it is both a creative and analytical pursuit, requiring me to use both sides of my brain. It’s also dynamic – one day is never like the last, and there are always new projects on the horizon that require new solutions for new problems. Plus, it’s energizing to support our loan officers and management in their efforts to grow our company – that’s really rewarding!