Recruiting Tools 

Find the best talent and educate them on the CCMC experience with our recruiting pieces. To request any of these pieces, please email If you are signing on a new loan officer, please use this intake form.

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Posting a Job

If you need to fill an open position, we can help you write the job description.  Upon your final approval, we will then post the job to our careers page, Facebook, LinkedIn and  You will be emailed any applicant resumes as they occur.  Attached is a sample image and job posting we will customize for you.

Print Materials


Who are you trying to recruit?

We've designed two pieces, both tailored to their own type of audience. The Big Recruiting Booklet below is designed for contacts you know well and who would benefit from an in-depth look into CCMC culture and processes. The Condensed Booklet is a quicker overview of our brand and is more suited to new contacts and people who may not know much about Cherry Creek Mortgage.


The Big Recruiting Booklet - $4/each

The Condensed Recruiting Booklet - $2.50/each


The Big Recruiting Booklet

a.k.a. The Cherry Creek Bible, 50 pages. Glossy print and stapled. Click here to download the PDF digital file.


OSI Flyers and Email Templates (available in Jungo)