You all are doing some great things and I just wanted to let you know it’s not going un-noticed. We appreciate you all!
— Dave Cook, CCMC

Happy Clients


Sean and David, I thought I would share this nice email with you. Usually, agents compliment the loan officer, he said “people and companies”. I think that our sharp marketing pieces are what tied that positive feeling to the company as well. This was a listing agent on a deal not too long ago. It went smoothly so I asked for an appt. to meet with him in person. I shared our Journey Home Box and the literature I wrote that David Arnett made so beautiful. It wasn't long before he referred us a lead that wanted to make an offer on a home right away. As luck would have it, the listing agent on THAT property happened to have closed a deal with us in recent months, so that helped to get the offer accepted (plus potentially more buyer business with her). The buyer is a widow that needed some extra care so Yolanda was great with that. I wanted you to know that our hard work in ops in addition to the sharp professional marketing materials create a synergy that gives me a high level of confidence out in the field. I guess that's a long way around to say “thank you”.

- Nancy Siples, CCMC

You all are the best ever. Just so you know a call came in today for $450k and when I asked they had seen me on an online ad!! You all rock!

-Tim Applebee, CCMC

You guys are the best! Thank you for everything that you do.

— Christian Samayoa, CCMC

I love all the support we get from you guys. You’re department rocks!

— John Gonzales, CCMC

Thanks for making what we do more fun!

-Nancy Siples, CCMC

Just wanted to say thank you for the nice Facebook posts. They look great!

- Nancy Siples, CCMC

Just for the record, I am super stoked with everything that is happening in our marketing department. Thank you so much for everything you and the marketing team are doing!!

— Brian Walsh, CCMC

I really truly appreciate that you are putting this together for us! Your support is amazing and I can’t say thank you enough! Thank you!

— Brook Seeley, CCMC


These are awesome!!! You blew it out of the park!!!

— Amanda Spizziri, CCMC

Thank you for the great new materials you continue to make available!

—Richard Nelson, CCMC

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! The fliers are awesome – almost as awesome as you and your team!

— Patti Pomeroy, CCMC

Blown away and super pleased with your speed and efficiency over there – appreciate you all so very much!

—Ali Pruitt, CCMC

I just wanted to give out a huge shout out to Kelsey in the marketing department.  She has made some amazing stuff for the Heroes team and in all honestly, I was a bit nervous to “let go of my go to marketing guy” when I came on-board but WOW has she (and the whole team) amazed me. 

Since I am not at corporate, if one of you guys wants to go up – pat her on the back and give her a high five, I would appreciate it!

Thanks Jeff, Stacey, Kirsten and David for hiring such great talent!

— Sam Royer, Heroes First

Just for the record, I am super stoked with everything that is happening in our marketing department. Please accept that as true positive impute. Thank you so much for everything you and the marketing team are doing!!

-Brian Walsh, CCMC

I would like you to know how truly impressed I’ve been with these three as well as their teams and many others I’ve had the pleasure to work with so far from Cherry Creek. I have asked a lot from them, and in a short period of time, but they have delivered and have often done so in ways that have exceeded my expectations. They have been great to work with.

— Scott Edgin, Pentrust

Thanks to the marketing department for taking such good care of us.

— Hilary and Joy Pruitt, CCMC

I also wanted to say great job on the new site. I was going in this morning adding social media sites for a PMG LO and it is so EASY! We have also received a ton of complements from both LOs and employees on it.

Aside from it looking great and being very functional, it is making our lives so much easier from a maintenance/update standpoint.

Thanks again for all of your help!

— Mike Ulanskas, PMG

Thank you for helping me with the flyers for my very important meeting on Tuesday morning.  I received a beautiful floral arrangement today from the owner of that office thanking me for a great meeting the other day!  I could not have done it without the two of you.

—Mary Beth Wright, CCMC

I just want to drop a line to you ALL to let you know how thankful I am that you guys make our team look so good! I love hanging out in your department and the energy and passion you guys have!

— Nicole Hanrahan, CCMC

I really appreciate your efforts here, the people at this company really go above and beyond, and your even considering writing [my bio] up is a testament to that.  Thanks!

-Dan Clancy, CCMC

Thank you so much!!! I always am amazed at the speed at which you guys get things done for us. I really appreciate it.

— Jake McCormick, CCMC

Amazing what you have done this year and we do appreciate everything you all do to help make our jobs easier and keep us competitive in the marketplace! CCMC is a wonderful place to work. Thank you and Happy New Year!

— Mary Beth Wright, CCMC


Thanks so much! These look great! Thank you again for getting these done with such short notice.

— Natalie Terry, PMG

I have to say, working with a few marketing teams in my day – this one is definitely the best I have dealt with!  I know sometimes I can be a perfectionist and they have been the utmost professional and understanding dealing with a guy like me.  Thank you for hiring on such great talent!!!

— Sam Royer, Heroes First

Your whole department does such an excellent job.

—Marcos Montes, CCMC