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Digital Marketing | What you need to thrive online

Our websites are designed to be mobile-friendly, search-optimized, and crafted to generate leads. We've brought in digital experts to build, style, optimize and perfect the digital experience online. Think of this as the digital business card of today. We have tools online to educate consumers and multiple touch points to get you leads. 



We create profiles for our Loan Officers on over 70 different social media platforms. This ensures you're in front of your ideal audience no matter where they're searching, adds to your site's SEO value, and also gives you a chance to brand yourself. Social media is a go-to resource for home buyers today. We maintain brand standards, compliance, and content for you on all social media platforms.

Social Media - Organic


We can run paid advertising campaigns for Loan Officers looking to garner more leads or brand themselves further. While this does (obviously) cost money, we find the ROI valuable and the targeting ideal to find customers for your business. Contact us at to learn more. 

Social Media - Paid


Search engine optimization is the work put into making a website the most valuable in a specific search. SEO is about attracting and capturing the most convertible lead - these come through organic search. Essentially, a user has a problem, searches for a solution online, and finds their answer in the highest ranked and most relevant website. Our SEO work strives to put CCMC at the top of relevant, high volume searches. Conversion rates on organic search often are double and triple that of direct and referral content, meaning the ROI on SEO far exceeds other methods of digital acquisition.

Search Engine Optimization


Clearly, we all know what email is. But did you know that email marketing has one of the highest ROIs in all of marketing's arsenal? We use email marketing to nurture leads, educate customers, and maintain branding and communication long after a loan is closed. Don't think you have time to manage thousands of emails? Don't worry - we use clever technology to automate 99% of your email marketing for you.



Social Media Services | Finding customers where they naturally go

Facebook is our largest lead generation platform in the social media realm. We use this to share information on loan products, regulation updates, branding pieces, and also fun contests and giveaways. We manage all the content for our LO Facebooks to maintain the brand identity and compliance standards. 



LinkedIn is a strong tool for networking and marketing yourself to referral partners and potential professional contacts. We craft a stream of content specifically for LinkedIn that focuses on branding, professional development, and the benefits of partnering with a CCMC Loan Officer. Talk to us about connecting your LinkedIn to our curated corporate content. 



Yext is our social media management platform. Yext creates profiles for each LO on over 70 different searchable platforms. We own this for all our LOs, so all you have to worry about is handling loans. To see a sample list of all the listings each LO has, please click here to download an example



Reviews and Testimonials | If you've got it, flaunt it

Known for its review value, Yelp is an ideal place to showcase your work and gather reviews on your work. This platform is managed by the marketing department. We offer a branded profile by default, and can work with you on paid advertising by request. 

Contacting the Yelp Team

Yelp customers don’t visit the site to see posts.  They are searching for YOU.  If you need an easy way to differentiate yourself from the competition, run a Yelp advertisement.  With our corporate contract you get an enhanced page profile and discounts on ad services.  Contact your rep today to find a solution that works for you!

Steve Seymour, Franchise Elite Account Director for CO, MI, NM, OR, WA | | 602-533-2564

Tim Arnpriester, Franchise Elite Account Director for AZ, CA, FL, IN, NV, TX, UT, WI | | 480-207-5643



Yext plays another role in your digital arsenal. They help gather reviews on multiple websites - Google My Business, Facebook, and your own website. Always remember, Google holds the most weight in review value, so try to request a Google review when you can. If you don’t know your page url we can provide it to you. All your online reviews are collected on your website under the testimonials link so a customer can easily see the full landscape of your online reputation. 

How to Personally Respond to Each Review

We can setup an account for you to personally respond to each review.  This helps so much in differentiating you from your competition.  Personal responses show you care about each and every customer and it only takes about 30-60 seconds to respond.  Ed Conarchy acquired a customer, just due to his personal responses online. After all, who would you rather work with, someone who never thanks their customer or someone who says thank you?

To respond to reviews, simply email and ask for your free review account. Once you receive your login, click here to download our easy guide.



Software Tools | The automation and innovation that powers our marketing

Manage your leads, loans, and referral partners more efficiently with a centralized system designed to streamline tasks and grow your business.

Jungo helps you:

  • Track and manage your leads

  • Oversee in-progress and closed loans

  • Maintain existing referral partner relationships and build new ones

  • Communicate with specific audiences via email campaigns

  • Send professionally-created templates to one or all contacts via Marketing Cloud

  • Automate loan status communications with your clients and referral partners

  • Integrate your Outlook Calendar

  • Stay connected to your database through the Salesforce Mobile App

  • Share your database with your team



We've made your communications easy and quick by partnering with OSI to create CCMC Lending Tools. This platform allows you to browse our print pieces that cover everything from general Cherry Creek branding to specific loan products. We've also integrated with Optimal Blue to provided the most accurate and up to date rate scenarios on your print pieces. Simply log in, choose the piece you need, and download a flyer personalized for you.

CCMC Lending Tools (OSI)